Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are trained to help your child to be able to participate in the activities that they want or need to do within their day. This can mean a broad range of activities from teaching your child how to brush their teeth or learning how to play and interact with other children. Our aim is to help your child become as independent as possible.

Occupational Therapy Liverpool

Our Occupational Therapists can help your child participate in everyday opportunities by:

  • Developing the underlying areas that prevent your child from achieving a task (such as strengthening muscles or reducing sensitivities)
  • Providing opportunities to practise new skills in a safe and supportive space using expert guidance 
  • Modifying the task to make it more achievable
  • Introducing equipment that can make a task easier to do
  • Changing the environment (such as preschool, home or school) to allow your child physical access or the ‘just right’ sensory space
  • Collaborating with the key people in your child’s life to increase awareness and provide consistent solutions for all to use with your child

Our Occupational Therapy team can help your child with the following areas:

  • Attention, focus and concentration
  • Sensory regulation
  • Social interaction and engagement
  • Tolerance of sensations (increase or decrease)
  • Planning and organising the body to complete tasks
  • Fine motor skills and handwriting
  • Classroom participation
  • Visual motor skills – copying from the board, scanning and tracking
  • Self care skills – feeding, dressing, toileting, sleeping
  • Play skills
  • Splinting, casting
  • Equipment prescription
  • Minor home modifications

Therapies used at SWKC:

  • Therapeutic Listening Program
  • Willbarger Therapressure Program
  • The Alert Program
  • Sensory Integration
  • DIR/Floortime
  • Splinting and casting
  • Equipment prescription
  • Minor home modifications
  • SOS Feeding
  • Astronaut Program