South West Kids Clinic

With a focus on family, collaboration and positivity, South West Kids Clinic provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-18 years of age who need help reaching developmental milestones and gaining independence.

Working Together For Positive Outcomes

With the aim of helping children live fulfilled lives, South West Kids Clinic brings you and your child together with qualified therapists in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Your involvement is the key to your child’s success. By getting on board with the therapy process and taking an active role yourself, your child will experience more positive outcomes.

Children, parents and staff enjoy the upbeat atmosphere at SWKC. Our dedicated team is driven to educate and empower you to support your child’s development.

Working Together

Your child’s treatment programs should be a collaboration between parents and therapists. Our therapists can guide your child’s development better when we partner with parents in the treatment plan. The best intervention is one that carries over into the home. A weekly therapy session without your collaboration and education will not be as effective on your child’s development. It is a team approach, where we will reach your child’s goals faster and with less energy expenditure when everyone works together.

Since you are your child’s first teacher and are the most likely to motivate and influence them, you can incorporate your therapist’s recommendations throughout the day. By doing that, you can provide needed repetition and easily determine what interventions are working well and provide feedback to your therapist. This process not only helps to achieve faster results but also reduces the number of therapy sessions needed and the total cost. 

When parent-therapist collaboration is weak, your therapist can only rely on data collected during an individual session in a controlled environment, instead of a better understanding of your child’s development and skills that were carried over to your child’s natural settings. This lack of feedback can lead to a breakdown of a potentially effective intervention and a waste of time, energy, and money.  Your child will need a lot of repetition; if your child does not have enough carry over there will be inconsistency, confusion, lack of interest, and frustration.

Let’s work together to get the best results for your child!

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How We Do Things

Our Purpose

At South West Kids Clinic, our core purpose is “To help children get the best start to a fulfilled life.”

Our purpose acknowledges that throughout a person’s lifespan, we are able to offer support in the early stages during childhood and adolescence. Our purpose also recognises our role in not only achieving independence with skills, but to assist a child to live a fulfilled life.

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Our Facilities

Exciting news! We have moved into our brand new purpose built facility only 7 mins from our current location.

The new building is twice the size of current clinic. We will have a large sensory and gross motor area with custom built equipment as well as a range of other therapy rooms of varying sizes.

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Our Values

South West Kids Clinic, our staff and our clients always aim to do the following:

  • Nurture relationshipsWe always communicate in clear, concise and honest ways, collaborating at every opportunity.
  • Think outside the box – We search for better ways to help others, inspiring others to think outside the box
  • Create memorable moments – We make memorable positive first impressions, making people smile and being genuine
  • Strive to become better – We are always prepared to give it a go, committed to constantly improving personally and collectively
  • Celebrate wins – We make everyday things special, celebrating the wins of our clients, our team and the community.

Our Team

A strong sense of teamwork is what sets us apart from other therapy services. Our therapists believe in idea sharing between therapists, and with parents and families.

As a parent, you can count on this collaborative approach, no matter who you see for therapy. We deliver the best outcomes for your child because we invest in a highly educated and trained workforce who make collaboration and teamwork a priority.

We help you and your child achieve better outcomes by liaising with members of your child’s network, both within the clinic and with external services. As well as sharing and collaborating on common goals, we take every opportunity to share our professional knowledge. 

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