Throughout the year, we offer a number of group programs either during the school term or through the school holidays. Some of the group programs focus on a child’s ability to interact socially with peers of a similar age within a semi-structured environment. Other groups have been developed to build on specific skills such as fine motor, literacy or coordination.

Children Group Programs

Regardless of the purpose of the group, each group program is developed specifically to meet the needs of the children scheduled to attend that particular group. This means we do not use generic, pre-developed commercial programs within our groups. 

School Holiday Groups:

Our school holiday group programs are designed to add some fun into the school holidays. We all know that children need a break from the usual during school holidays, so our programs offer exactly that. Each school holiday period offers a variety of groups options such as literacy, handwriting, kids yoga and interactive storytelling. Be sure to check out which groups are on offer this coming school holidays.

Social Skills Groups:

Throughout the term, we offer a number of social skills groups for children who have difficulty interacting with peers. These groups are designed to teach specific social skills and provide opportunities to put them into practice in real life situations with peers within the group. 

School Ready Groups:

Children who are commencing Kindergarten the following year are invited to attend our School Ready Group which runs for 10 weeks during Term 4 (two hours per session) or intensively over the January school holidays. This group provides opportunities to practise social skills, focusing attention on a group activity, fine motor skills, language and pre-literacy skills. 

Handwriting Club:

This group uses engaging activities such as cooking or science to develop handwriting skills. Children learn the rules of handwriting and are provided with activities to develop underlying skills such as finger strength to hold the pencil in a mature way.